About Me

Hey there, I am Corrie and this is my blog. I am a Data Scientist and these are my musings about a range of topics, somehow all related to Data.

As a trained Mathematician, I put great focus on understanding the methods I apply. This not only means, that I want to understand the theory behind a certain algorithm but also that I strive to understand why an algorithm outputs a certain result. This has lead me to study Bayesian Statistics, a combination of interesting theory and philosophy, as well as a framework to model and explain your data. Sampling is an important concept in Bayesian Statistic which lead me to the name of this blog, though I hope to also share thoughts about other topics that I find interesting.

Closely linked to a wish to understand the data, I find it just as important to effectively communicate analysis results. Afterall, what use is an analysis if people don’t understand it and can’t act on the results. I found data visualizations a good way to make data and its use accessible to a wide audience. You can find some of my data visualizations here and here.

Topics I’m interested in:

  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Network Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Communication
  • Application of Data Science methods
    • e.g. to topics such as disinformation
  • Topological Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Culture

In my freetime, I enjoy reading a good book, growing tomatoes on my balcony and a good cup of tea or coffee.