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about data, statistics and everything in between

Welcome to my blog!

Hello World! I’m Corrie and this is my blog where I plan to occasionally write about interesting topics. Interesting topics is of course entirely subjective and for me, machine learning, statistics (in particular the Bayesian flavor), and data science sound very exciting, so most of my posts will touch any of these topics. As a Mathematician by training, I spent quite some time during my studies with differential geometry, topology, and number theory (knots and prime numbers are cool!), so there might be some pieces about these topics as well, maybe in combination with the former topics.

I am currently working as a data scientist and as such are also dealing with the more practical and mundane aspects of data science, such as monitoring and putting models into production, and plan to also write some posts about my experiences and learnings as a working data scientist.

One of the ideas for starting this blog is, that I noticed that I learn better when I summarize whatever I just learned. For future-me to be able to look it up again when I forgot but possibly also for others.

Feedback is always welcome and hope you can find something you like.


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